Family Travel – A Kid’s Guide to Bali

Hi Frugalistas!

I’d like to welcome you to my first guest blog post, courtesy of my almost-10 year old daughter Miss G.  As regular readers will know, Miss G and I recently went to Bali.  Bali is a fantastic destination for children, so who better than Miss G to tell us all what works for kids!

Hi its Miss G.



Always check that your children have enough packed for their trip.  I didn’t pack enough to start with and Mum had to remind me of some important things I missed.  All you need to do is put these simple things on the list:





thongs/flip flops




shirts and dresses for going out for dinner (girls only)

tooth brush and tooth paste


sleep wear

sun screen

teddy( if they need one)


If your kids are very adventurous find epic and cool activities for them to do.  Ask them what they want to do and try to find brochures for them so they can get an idea of what the activity is.


With many food choices for kids it may be a paradise or a jail so if they don’t want to try the food there just let them explore at their own pace.  Lots of the Balinese food was very spicy and too much for me.

Balinese food – Mum really liked this, but it looked yuk!


Try to find a hotel with kids clubs and reasonable sized rooms.  A place with more than one pool and a choice of restaurants was really good for both Mum and I.

Kids love swimming pools


Riding on the elephant at the Elephant Safari near Ubud.  It was a long drive but I liked it because I got to see lots of things like rice paddies and chickens in the local villages.

This was the best thing on our trip

Going to the Zoo.  We went at night which was really cool.  I got to feed the elephants, the orangutang and some deer.  I also got hold some of the animals and have my picture taken.

Aaaarrrhhh, where’s the head going??

Playing in the pool.  Most of the pools are deep, but our hotel had some shallow pools for little kids.  The water was really cold, but it was still fun.

Collecting shells on the beach.  We found lots of really interesting shells and coral, but we put them back at the end of our holiday to put them back to the environment where they belong.

The Balinese feast and show at our hotel.  The instruments were very loud, but I liked it because the dances were really interesting.  We got to have our photo taken with the dancers at the end which was so awesome!


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3 Comments on “Family Travel – A Kid’s Guide to Bali”

  1. Travel With Bender (Erin) 23/02/2013 at 12:02 pm #

    You covered some great points and there is soooo much more as well. Maybe we will bump into you there one day. We love Bali.

  2. Contented Traveller 13/02/2014 at 1:37 pm #

    You made some really good points especially about food and activities. Good job 🙂

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