The 2012 frugalfirstclasstravel year in review – my top 10 blog posts

Hi Frugalistas!

As 2012 comes to a close, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all my lovely readers, followers and everyone who’s ever commented, read, Stumbled, Liked or Tweeted any of my posts.  I’ve appreciated every single one of you who’s ever visited.  For a new blogger I feel encouraged that my posts seem to have struck a chord with so many people.  For new readers, here’s what my readers loved reading most during 2012 (according to Mr WordPress’ stats!):

1.  Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Review

The runaway winner despite it only being published in October.  I just wish my most popular post could have been more positive.  I flew Sydney to London return (a total of four legs), and found the experience a bit underwhelming…..Read more about my experience here…..


2.  Etihad Diamond First Class Review

In stark contrast to the disappointment of Cathay Pacific Premium Economy, Etihad Diamond First Class really delivered.  My criteria for deciding whether I like a flight isn’t so much about the relative quality – First Class is always going to win, isn’t it?  Instead I base my opinion on whether the product delivers what it says in the brochure, and whether it is value for money.  You can read about how Etihad ticked all my boxes here.

3.  Garuda Business Class Review

I voted Garuda Business Class my travel surprise of 2012.  It really was very good, and definitely ticked the box on value for money.  While the seats weren’t comfortable enough, and the inflight entertainment wasn’t sustainable enough for a long haul from Australia all the way through to Europe, for a short to medium haul flight this is a great option.  Read my full review here.

4.  The Five Things I Can’t Live Without on the Road

My most popular packing post.  This post also generated a lot of discussion in the Comments section about the things other people couldn’t live without – so we all got to learn from each other!  Click here for the full post and discussion.

5.  Four Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Packing Light

I refer to this as “The Joan Collins Packing Post”.  Found out here why.


6.  Bali Packing List – Taking One Carry on Bag to the Tropics

I wrote this post to prove that a 5 star resort holiday doesn’t mean that you need to take a huge case full of clothes.  Both MissG and I went to Bali for 10 days with just one carry on bag each, and both had plenty of clothes for day and night.  The take home message from this post?  The only person who cares that you are wearing the same shoes at dinner two nights running is you!


7.  Budget Busting Business Class – How to Save on Business Class Tickets

My fourth airline post in the top ten.  Just goes to show we all want to save money – even at the pointy end of the plane.  Read how to do it here.

8.  My Packing List

My generic packing list post also generated a lot of comment.  People, especially women do seem to struggle with this.  If you fall into that category, read on……


9.  5 Common Packing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

It seems lots of people have trouble with “just in case” packing from the comments on this post.  You can read about packing mistakes here, or if you think you need some serious packing list help, you can download my free ebook “The Packing Collection” here.

10.  Europe in the Winter  – Packing List for Europe

Despite this post only being published in December it still made it into the Top 10 for the year.  I decided to write a separate packing list post for winter just to show that my generic packing list (Number 8 in the top 10) would still work for winter, and would still fit in just one carry on bag.  I personally used this packing list for three weeks in Germany in December 2009.


My top 10 has taught me two things:  we all want to travel light (even if not all of us have worked out how), and we all want to know we are making the right choices with our flights.  Given our airfare is often the single most expensive part of our trip, and our luggage gets to go everywhere with us, this makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s to 2013 and better flights with less luggage!


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2 Comments on “The 2012 frugalfirstclasstravel year in review – my top 10 blog posts”

  1. fotoeins 31/12/2013 at 3:55 pm #

    I dig reviews of mileage plans, airline clubs, and big planes. I like big planes, and I cannot lie. 🙂

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