The frugalfirstclasstravel Friday files – 27 Sept 2013

Hi Frugalistas!

In this week’s Friday files we’re going on a jaunt round the world, starting locally here in Sydney (in fact right in my local neighbourhood), before heading to London and finishing in Singapore.

The first post I’m featuring comes from fellow Sydney-based bloggers The Budget Wanderers.  I subscribe to their blog and always enjoy seeing my local neighbourhood of Sydney featured.  Their photos are always great, and this post I’m featuring is no exception.  Summer Hill is one of the many local villages that make up inner Sydney.  I know Summer Hill well, and visit it relatively frequently, but what I loved about this post was that it features Summer Hill in the twilight – at a time I’m never there.  Overseas readers should check out our Aussie take on 19th Century architecture that is well represented in the post. 

The residential suburb of Summer Hill, in the inner west, is exquisite even after dusk. This mainly residential suburb, about 8 km west of the metropolis, is mixed with flamboyancy and old but classic architectural designs.  See it all here….

Summer Hill post office Photo:  TheBudgetWanderers

Summer Hill post office
Photo: TheBudgetWanderers

Next, it’s off to London, courtesy of Vanessa at TurnipseedsTravel.  Vanessa’s take on travel is one close to my own heart, and I love her post on doing London the “coffee can” rather than the frugalfirstclasstravel way.  It’s a great post, full of good, sensible, budget conscious suggestions.

Is traveling to London on your list? This beautiful city has something to offer everyone and its well organized, English-speaking attractions and excursions make it very appealing to a first time traveler. Unfortunately, the exchange rate of the British Pound puts just about every other currency at a distinct disadvantage. It’s not that the prices are so unreasonable for a local resident – it’s the conversion that really makes a visitor suffer! Still, with a bit of advance planning,  you can  enjoy the best of London, even on a budget.  Read on here for Vanessa’s unbeatable budget tips….

Then finally, I’ve got some serious hotel photo porn, from Sarah Pannir at The Travel Spotlight.  Sarah’s post on a stay at the glamorous Marina Bay Sands in her hometown of Singapore is a real feast for the eyes that also shows Singapore off at its modern and dynamic best. 

Last weekend, my family was lucky enough to enjoy a one night staycation at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. Whilst I love traveling, I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t always given my native Singapore it’s due credit (whenever people ask what to do in Singapore – my instinctive answer is “shop & eat!”) and so it was lovely to spend a weekend experiencing Singapore through the eyes of a tourist!  Read on here to find out more about Sarah’s adventure……..

Photo:  Sarah Pannir

Photo: Sarah Pannir

So, whether you are staying close to home or venturing far afield, enjoy the three very different posts I’ve selected for you this week!


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2 Comments on “The frugalfirstclasstravel Friday files – 27 Sept 2013”

  1. Sarah P | The Travel Spotlight 28/09/2013 at 12:30 pm #

    Hi Jo! Thank you so much for including me in the list (so honoured!)

    Love your blog as I definitely aspire to frugal first class travel (I’m one of those that scrimps & saves at home so that I can enjoy a little luxury abroad!)

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