The frugalfirstclasstravel Friday files – 22 November 2013

Hi Frugalistas!

A bit of shameless self promotion from me this week on the Friday files.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have two other bloggers feature my work, so I’m returning the favour by featuring their posts myself.

I was delighted to wake up one morning this week and find my day trip to Reims post had been featured by my favorite Paris expat, Rosemary, of Aussie in France.  As well as my post, Rosemary is also featuring two great posts by some very committed francophiles.  I thoroughly recommend this post!

Three entirely different subjects this week. Ever practical Jo Karnaghan from Frugal First Class Travel takes us on a day trip to Reims which is not only famous for its champagne; Maggie La Coste from Experience France by Bike gives tips on how to take the train with a bike and panniers; while Janine from The Good Life France has compiled a very interesting and useful guide to Christmas in France in 2013 that you can download. Enjoy! 


Then Trisha of Are We There Yet? featured Maiden Voyage’s guest post on how to find a female friendly in a terrifically uplifting post encouraging more girls (and women!) to travel solo.  I understand from Trisha this is the first in a series that I’m sure will be a great success!

Dear Girls of the World, I grew up in a household where I didn’t feel inferior of men. I have 3 brothers and a sister — we were raised to be equal so we will not be dependent on each other. We all have our own identity, interest and ways on how to live. My mother raised us alone and never did I feel that I was without food, education and shelter. Even if we didn’t have a father present, things have always worked out for us. I tried different things. Growing up as a girl, I wasn’t really one. I played extreme sports. In fact, I think I have tried everything from skateboarding to wake boarding. One summer at Tennis Camp, my mother asked….read on here

Finally, while it’s not self promotion, it is self indulgent, as my final post of the week visits Turkey again.  This time, Jenny at a Taste of Travel takes us off on the trail of the best Turkish ice cream in Turkey.  Anyone who knows Jenny’s blog will know this post is a genuine visual treat.

Do you love ice cream?  Then a stop at the town of  Kahramanmaraş or Maraş for short is a must. Their dövme dondurma …translated as beaten ice cream… is to die for!

Where is Kahramanmaraş?. Well, it is a bit off the beaten track but if you are exploring the South Eastern part of Anatolia you will be close by. The road from Goreme to Gaziantep takes you right past the door!  Read on here….


Have a great week and a bientot!


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2 Comments on “The frugalfirstclasstravel Friday files – 22 November 2013”

  1. jenny@atasteoftravel 24/11/2013 at 3:09 pm #

    Thanks for the mention Jo. I enjoy reading Friday Files and learning of new posts to read.

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