Motorhomes vs. Caravans: Their Pros & Cons Revealed

Many people debate whether to buy a caravan or a motorhome. The two vehicles each have their own pros and cons, and each has proponents who swear by one vehicle or the other. Buying a motorhome or a caravan is a major purchase that will affect your travels for years to come, so it’s important to have all of the facts about each vehicle. Here are some of the pros and cons of each vehicle to help you decide which one fits your needs the best.

Caravan Pros

Size: Caravans are a good compromise between a smaller and larger vehicle. Apart from reversing (30 point turns anyone?), they are as easy or easier to drive than a motorhome, which makes it particularly suitable for first timers who may be unsure of their driving skills.

Flexibility: A major plus of the caravan is that it is basically two vehicles in one. You can take apart the vehicle to make it smaller. If you need to go somewhere with a normal sized car and want to detach your trailer, either for parking reasons or because you don’t want to spend petrol money on carrying unnecessary weight, then you can easily decouple the caravan from the tow bar and drive off. It’s like having two vehicles in one; a smaller one for everyday needs and a larger one for long term travel.

Caravan Cons

Load: They can carry less weight than a motorhome, so you need to be careful about what you bring and how you store it. They are also easier to break into than motorhomes, because of their typically lightweight construction.

Sturdiness: Generally, they are less sturdy for the same reasons as above. They have a harder time dealing with the roughness of long stretches on the road, which will limit your route choices and your list of possible destinations. It is for this reason that you are advised to have good a good caravan insurance policy, of which you can easily compare at The Caravan Club.
Motorhome Pros

Strength: Overall, motorhomes are much more rugged vehicles than their caravan siblings. They can handle the road much better than caravans, and they generally require less maintenance.

Security: Security is not just as much of an issue with a motor home thanks to their generally heavier construction, tinted windows, and sheer size of the vehicle which make it less of a target for a break-in.

Load: Motorhomes can carry more weight than caravans, which means that you can bring more everyday things along with you on your travels. A motorhome has the capability to tow an object behind it, such as a boat and you will often see them loaded up with bikes on a rack as well as watersport equipment up top.

Motorhome Cons

Size: Motorhomes are large vehicles, and this presents some issues. They are much harder to manoeuvre when you first start driving them, and they will require a special driver’s license depending on the size and weight. Because of their size, they consume more petrol than a car pulling a caravan, although more efficient models are rolling off the production line. And when you own a motorhome, you may need a smaller second vehicle should you wish to drive into town to run a few errands.

In the End…

Neither vehicle is better than the other; each has some great qualities as well as some problem areas. Your choice on whether to buy a motor home or a caravan will depend on factors such as how much weight you want to carry, how flexible you need to be with the size of your vehicle, and whether you’d prefer to spend your money on extra petrol or extra maintenance. Either way, buying a caravan or motorhome will provide you with the flexibility you want for exploring the open road.

This is a guest post in association with The Caravan Club


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