The frugalfirstclasstravel Friday files 29 November 2013

Hi Frugalistas!
This week’s Friday files packs a backpack, avoids some common travel scams, and eats an Australian pavlova.  What’s not to love?
First up, Ron at Active Planet Travel has got some great backpack packing tips.  I may be the Queen of the one bag trip, but I don’t profess to be an expert on backpacks and backpacking, so I loved Ron’s ideas for backpacking light.
Photo from wikipedia commons

Photo from wikipedia commons

You’re jumping up and down on it.  Hitting it.  Sitting on top and eventually throwing it across the room because you still can’t get the damned thing closed.  That’s right, you’ve done it again and got way too much gear than your old backpack can hold.  So how can you make this seemingly endless amount of junk undergo metamorphosis and fit into your bag?  The answer, my friends is to read more here….

Next, one of my favorite people, Anne, at Pretraveller, has a great post on travel scams.  Having seen the ring scam in Paris a number of times, scams do exist, so forewarned is forearmed!



I love travelling.  But I hate being targeted by pickpockets and thieves.  And I am sure most other travellers feel the same way.  Many other bloggers have written articles with tips to avoid travel scams which can help you to be prepared on the latest scammer tricks so you can hopefully avoid them.  Although they usually do make good travel stories later…  Read more here

Lastly, a little self indulgence (again) on my part.  My guest post on Australian biscuits and sweets is up on the lovely Vanessa’s Turnipseed Travel blog.  Vanessa is about to hit Australia, so my guest post gives the self professed sweet tooth a few options to consider.

Photo:  Jo Karnaghan

Photo: Jo Karnaghan

Anyone who reads Turnipseed Travel regularly will know Vanessa has a sweet tooth.  I doubt she’s met a brownie she didn’t like.  Now down here in Australia, we don’t have a strong brownie culture, so to stop Vanessa going into withdrawals, read on to discover my suggestions for sweet tooths in Australia

What great posts have you come across in the blogosphere this week?  Let’s share the love!


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4 Comments on “The frugalfirstclasstravel Friday files 29 November 2013”

  1. Anne @ Pretraveller 30/11/2013 at 6:19 am #

    Jo, thanks for including my article in your Friday files!

  2. Ronald Robbins (@ActPlanetTravel) 03/12/2013 at 7:57 am #

    Thanks for the inclusion! I’ve come across various travel scams along the way so it’s always good to keep a wary eye out. Great stuff. 🙂

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