Eating and drinking in Alsace

Hi Frugalistas!

Friday fotos is a little late this week – but I’m sure it’s still Friday somewhere!  This week I’m off to Alsace, to finish my series on Colmar and the Route de Vins.  Alsace has a very specific traditional cuisine, and of course white wine (typically riesling) rules!  So join me on a culinary tour of this lovely part of France!

What’s good to eat?  For true Alsatian dining try a choucroute garnie – pickled cabbage served with different types of meat.  If pickled cabbage isn’t your thing (but mind you, it really is delicious), I really can recommend the baeckeoffe (pronounced bake-offer) – a casserole made of beef, pork, lamb and vegetables cooked in local wine.  Chocolate is always a winner, and Alsace does it well!  Other goodies to try?  Bretzels – the delicious bread knots, tarte flambee (sort of like a pizza) or rosti (oven baked potato and cheese).  For dessert it just has to be kugelhopf, the fabulous fluted cake that comes in all sorts of favours and guises (I ate a particularly tasty, but rich one with chocolate sauce and cream for dessert).

White wines rule, and are reasonably priced.  A deliciously light cremant (crem-onn), or sparkling wine, makes a lovely aperatif.  With your meal, go for a riesling or pinot gris and you won’t be disappointed!

Alsace doesn’t look like France, and it’s food is quite different to French food elsewhere.  Eat local, seasonal food, and you won’t be disappointed!

Author’s note:  In Alsace I was a guest of the Hotel Rapp in Colmar, but did pay for my own meal in their restaurant.  I travelled on the Route de Vins with Regioscope at a discounted rate.


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2 Comments on “Eating and drinking in Alsace”

  1. I’ve just put a roast in and I’m being inspired by those vegetables… and of course the wine. Love a good dose of your basic French country fare.

    • frugalfirstclasstravel 02/02/2014 at 7:57 am #

      Thanks Bronwyn! Alsatian cuisine is very basic, but definitely hearty and tasty. I’m glad this short guide inspired you!

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