Why a driving holiday could be your dream holiday

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It often feels like the world is getting smaller. Technology and accessible travel mean even the most exotic destinations are now at your fingertips. However, this also means the list of must-see destinations is constantly getting longer!

Over the years travel has become increasingly more accessible. What were once far flung places are now holiday hot-spots. Exclusive destinations reserved only for the travelling elite now regularly feature in top 10 holiday lists. The accessibility of travel is a great thing. However, somewhere along the line holidaymakers are losing their individual experience amongst the crowds. While it’s still amazing to see the many famous wonders of the world, it’s even better to discover something new for yourself!

Package holidays, beach resorts, and pre-booked tours are particularly common these days. Admittedly, if you are looking for a quick escape in the sun then these are the simple solution. Everything is organised for you! All you have to do is pack your swimsuit and your camera and head to whichever sunny destination has taken your fancy.

At Economy Car Hire we like to keep travel interesting. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to swap the sun tan lotion and guided tours for extreme sports or solo travel. All you need to do is hire a car and hit the open road!

Here are a few of our favourite driving holidays!

Paradise Island

 If beautiful beaches and soaking up the sun is your thing, plan a trip along your favourite coastline. Cruising along the coastline gives you the opportunity to be on the look-out for a subtly signposted secret beach you may not have noticed before! And you still have the freedom of visiting the major resorts.

blue sea, white sand with people lying on the beach

Beach North Ibiza

The party island of Ibiza is best known for, well, its partying! Most holidaymakers make a beeline for the popular party hotspots in Ibiza’s southern region. However, the northern coastline is not to be missed. The beaches in Northern Ibiza still hold that breath-taking raw beauty of unspoilt paradises. Forgotten about by tourists and mostly known just to locals they are always quiet. Aahh, bliss.

If you fancy uncovering these secret pieces of paradise why not book into a few locally run B&Bs along the way instead of a hotel resort. Not only will the service be more personal but the owners are more likely to share their favourite secret beach spots with you!

Euro Trip!

However, while we all love a bit of rest and relaxation on the beach or by the pool, two weeks of it can become tedious. Holidays used to go hand in hand with adventure and discovery, but these days foreign travel is a standard pastime.

If history tickles your fancy or you are fanatical about food, a euro driving holiday will satisfy you like no other. Take your pick of routes through France, Spain or Italy or embark on a journey through all three!

France- Normandy

France is a minefield of medieval history and home to an endless list of chocolate box villages, gothic cathedrals and majestic castles.

pond in a garden with waterlilies

Monet’s garden

Plan a route through Normandy. You can incorporate stops at major cities such as Paris and Versailles as well as hidden gems such as Honfleur. Compare Monet’s famous gardens at Giverny with the little known Jardins du Pays d’Auge near Cambremer. Driving holidays combine the best aspects of both the sightseeing tourist and the independent traveller.

Spain- Catalonia

 In Spain why not swap the sun soaked south coast for the rich landscapes of the North!

Catalonia is home to both the fantastic city of Barcelona as well as an unrivalled gastronomy culture. Tour the wineries and have a go at making your own cava. Or, plan a round trip through the lesser known villages where you can sample some of the best cuisine in Europe. Catalonia’s traditional dishes and delicacies are made using centuries old recipes and fresh, home grown produce. We think they would top any Michelin starred restaurant.

Italy- Lake Como

water with a boat and Italian villas in the background

Lake Como

Italy is renowned for being a country of passion, so plan a trip that you can get passionate about! The Lake Como region is renowned for its stunning scenery.

Visit Lake Como as part of a more extensive drive from Zurich which will take you through the breath taking Swiss Alps. Or, keep it as a one day scenic drive! Whichever you choose, Lake Como will be a holiday highlight you’ll be talking about for years.

Besides the beautiful scenery you will also find incredible historic architecture and an endless choice of mouth-watering restaurants. The Villa Melzi is a must-see when visiting Lake Como. Home to one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in Europe, a stroll through the grounds will transport you back to a time of extravagant splendour. The food at Lake Como is equally indulgent. Tuck into a long list of traditional dishes made with locally produced ingredients such as chestnuts! After sampling the rich flavours of these dishes you’ll be asking for the recipes!

Road trips are the ultimate mode of independent travel without venturing too far from your usual creature comforts. Whether you have planned a week long route cross-country or an afternoon’s scenic drive, road trips offer you the freedom to explore new destinations at will. The beauty of driving holidays is that they are totally versatile. You can theme and tailor them to suit your exact needs.

So, for holiday snaps that people do want to see, do something different and plan a driving holiday!

2 Comments on “Why a driving holiday could be your dream holiday”

  1. lukepetermarlin 05/07/2014 at 4:26 pm #

    When I did Europe I mainly took cheap Ryanair/Easyjet flights because they were cheap. In hindsight hiring a car would have been much better for exactly the reasons mentioned: seeing outside the big cities that others have likely never been. With a few mates it doesn’t work out to be too expensive either. I’ve come a long way since those days. Great article.

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