Explore Medieval Slovenia on an Adriatic Sea Cruise


Slovenia is a country famed for its Gothic architecture and medieval towns, the most fascinating of which is arguably the coastal city of Koper in the south-west. If you’re looking to go medieval in a big way then this city provides many old town historic sights as well as easy access to the country’s popular capital city.

Ports of call on an Adriatic Sea cruise will almost always include Croatia’s famous walled-city of Dubrovnik but if you’re looking to step back in time then ensure that Slovenia’s Koper is listed on your itinerary.

Explore Medieval Slovenia on an Adriatic Sea Cruise

Charming Old Town quarter

Koper is set on an incredibly picturesque coastline overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and the first glimpse of the spires and rust-colored roof-tops from the deck of your ship is sure to be memorable. The Old Town lies behind the beautiful horse-shoe shaped bay and it’s a maze of winding little streets, elegant squares and historic buildings. Koper is a city with a history dating as far back as Bronze Age and the town’s architecture is also heavily influenced by the Venetians who ruled there between the 13th to 18th centuries. Walk through the charming streets filled with colorful houses and you’ll discover a wealth of historic buildings, traditional restaurants and quaint little stores.

Sightseeing in Koper

Historical points of interest to look out for in this city include the Da Ponte Fountain, which dates back to 1666 and the 15th century Praetorian Palace in the city square. One of the country’s largest churches, the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, is well-worth exploring and a trip to the city tower belfry will provide some panoramic views over the city. If you’re looking for some in-depth history then the Koper Regional Museum, located in the beautiful Belgramoni-Tacco Palace, is the place to visit. Make sure to visit the Fontico in charming Brolo Square – it’s one of the city’s oldest buildings dating as far back as 1392 and features Gothic windows and arched doorways.

Explore Medieval Slovenia on an Adriatic Sea Cruise

Excursions from Koper

Take a few excursions from the city and you’ll be rewarded with some magnificent sights. The Postojna Caves is a spectacular web of tunnels, which have been toured over the last 140 years by mini-train; to date, 35 million visitors have explored this cave system. The little town of Piran, also known as Little Italy, is full of medieval buildings and Tartini Square is worth the visit alone. Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana ramps up the beauty and medieval architecture stakes and official boat trips along the Ljubljana River is one of the best ways to view this stunning city.

If you’re intending on taking a cruise around the Adriatic Sea then it would be a shame to miss out on these historic and exciting destinations. Most voyages to this region of the world can include Slovenian and Croatian cities as part of the many multi-destination cruise deals available.

Images by Eutrophication&hypoxia and Stephen Colebourne, used under the Creative Commons license.

Rebecca Hurt is an adventure seeking biology graduate, currently travelling around the globe. She likes photography and wildlife.

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