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Why I hate resort vacations

Dear Resort Vacation, we need to talk.  I’ve loved you since my first stay in Bali in 1989.  Mr Frugalfirstclass and I have had many wonderful experiences with you – including our wedding in Mauritius.  I even took MissG on her first mother-daughter trip on a resort vacation.  And we loved it.  But you are making […]

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Your first trip to Europe: what to expect in a 3 star hotel

Hi Frugalistas!  You’ve decided to take your first trip to Europe – how exciting!  Now you need to make decisions.  What airline to book, what to do, and most importantly where to stay!  It’s very tempting to stick with the familiar and stay at a chain hotel.  You know what to expect, what the room […]

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king size bed in hotel room in Istanbul

Save or splurge? What you should budget for a hotel in Istanbul

Hi Frugalistas!  Istanbul is cheaper than many other cities in Europe.  This is particularly true when it comes to hotels.  When you choose a hotel in Istanbul (or in any other budget destination for that matter) you have a choice – do you book your usual standard of accommodation, and pocket the change, or book […]

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king size bed in hotel room in Istanbul

How to find a female friendly hotel

Hi Frugalistas! I’d like to welcome you to a guest post by my friend, Carolyn Pearson, the dynamic CEO of Maiden Voyage. Carolyn has a great framework to assist female, or security conscious male travellers for that matter, in choosing a hotel, and she has kindly agreed to share her wisdom with frugalfirstclasstravel readers…. Picture […]

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One itinerary, three budgets – anywhere in Europe regardless of your budget

Hi Frugalistas! When I wrote my itinerary planning series, I said that I believed that any itinerary was achievable, regardless of your budget.  Well, nows the time to test that theory.  I’m using three budget “standards” for my costings: 1.  Cheap and cheerful 2.  A frugalfirstclasstravel budget 3.  The grand splurge I’ve explicitly excluded the […]

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What I’ve been doing this week – final details for my stay in London

Hi Frugalistas! I’m heading off in a few weeks, so my task this week has been to finalise my arrangements.  I hate leaving things to the last minute – particularly my logistics.  Once I get away, my focus shifts to planning on how to enjoy myself the best way possible and on making sure I […]

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Planning your itinerary to save even more money in Europe

Hi Frugalistas! I’m planning on writing a series of posts on itinerary planning.  Before I start though, I want to focus on how to use your planning and your itinerary to save money on your trip to Europe. Here are the principles I stick to help me balance the budget and travel to Europe more […]

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What I’ve been doing this week – the perfect hotel on the French Riviera

Hi Frugalistas! I’m starting what I hope will be a regular-ish post on what I’ve been up to travel-wise lately. I’ve recently been planning a trip to Europe for April. In particular I’ve been looking at hotels on the French Riviera and working out where to stay and what to do. The first thing to […]

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Making a Familiar Place Feel Brand New

Hi Frugalistas! Do you have a place you keep going back to?  A trip or a holiday you just have over and over?  In my last post I talked about rituals – the things you do every time and every where you travel.  While rituals and traditions are important, this time, I’m talking about how […]

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How to Save Money Traveling in Europe

Hi Frugalistas! It’s easy to save money while traveling in Europe if you do your research and plan ahead.  Here are my top tips for saving money while traveling in Europe: 1.  Saving Money in Your Hotel Look for a hotel that includes breakfast in the room rate.  Breakfast costs can add up if it […]

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