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slab of Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts

Eating in Athens on a Culinary Backstreets walk

Hi Frugalistas!  I’ve already written about our infamous visit to the Athens Central Market, but there was far more to our Culinary Backstreets walk in central Athens.  Starting with breakfast, we ate, walked, talked, photographed and ate even more around central Athens with our guide, the lovely Despina.  Join me on a feast of food […]

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blue door and pink bougainvillea Anafiotika, Athens

Anafiotika: a Greek Island in the foothills of the Acropolis

Hi Frugalistas!  When I visited Athens recently I was disappointed that I didn’t have time to fit in a visit to the Greek Islands.  I’d sailed in the Cycladic Islands many years ago and had fond memories of those glorious blue and white houses festooned with bright bougainvillea and geraniums.  Then upon studying my guidebook […]

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man in tuxedo and woman in white silk dress dancing the tango in Buenos Aires

The Endless Charm of Buenos Aires: the Paris of South America

Hi Frugalistas! I’m really excited about this guest post from Anda Galffy of Travel Notes & Beyond.  I’ve never been to South America, and while it’s not a continent I’m especially interested in, I am fascinated with Buenos Aires and its very Parisian air.  Whether you imagine tango, Evita, soccer, fabulous steak or amazing architecture, […]

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Beyond the Troubles: an insider’s guide to Belfast

Hi Frugalistas!  The latest Insider Guide visits a misunderstood and forgotten part of Ireland – Belfast. Situated in the less touristy Northern Ireland, Belfast is proudly throwing off its troubled past. Resident Els Mahieu is our host. Most people’s knowledge of Belfast is limited to The Troubles and the accompanying violence. How do you describe […]

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Seagulls flying, with building in background

frugalfirstclasstravel guides: a short guide to Istanbul

Hi Frugalistas!  I didn’t write my guide to Istanbul after my first visit in October.  Istanbul was too big, and just too much to write about after a single visit.  Vibrant, energetic and with always something to see and do, Istanbul is now a firm favorite with me.  From your comments, I know it is one of yours too.  […]

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white plate, white paper napkins, cutlery and 3 baklava

Istanbul: eating my way round the New District

Hi Frugalistas!  Regular readers will know that one of the key philosophies of frugalfirstclasstravel is enjoying being a temporary local.  Eating, lots of walking and mixing with the locals is a key part of that.  Regular readers will also know how much I love my food.  I was therefore delighted to discover the Culinary Backstreets […]

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old town square with old colourful building, umbrellas and people standing

Beyond the Soviets: an insider’s guide to Warsaw

Hi Frugalistas!  This edition of my insider guide series is special.  We’re off to Warsaw, Poland, a place I’ve been interested in, but like most travellers, have not had the opportunity to visit.  Being part of the “new Europe” it’s a perfect destination for frugalfirstclasstravellers (you don’t need to look any further than Kami’s restaurant […]

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The frugalfirstclasstravel guide to the Blue Mosque

Hi Frugalistas! Staying in Sultanahmet, the call to prayer from the Blue Mosque is a real feature.  Stay close enough, and it wakes you every morning.  Walking around Sultanahmet, its minarets form a landmark and help you guide your way.  I was fortunate enough to have a hotel room overlooking the mosque – I loved […]

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A taste of Champagne

Hi Frugalistas! The second of this week’s guest posts is courtesy of Andrea Powis, the Chief Diva of the wonderful Australian tour company Travelling Divas.  Here, Andrea takes us on a decadently divalicious journey to Champagne…… The word ʻChampagneʼ always evokes a sense of excitement and celebration to those who are lovers of this divine drop. Mention […]

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The frugalfirstclasstravel guide to visiting Hagia Sophia

Hi Frugalistas! Hagia Sophia was probably the tourist site I was most looking forward to visiting in Istanbul.  But I was a bit worried.  Would it be much smaller in “real life”?  Would it be over run with tourists making it impossible to see anything?  Would I be queuing for hours?  I’m delighted to say […]

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