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Itinerary planning 101: Part 1 – Creating the outline of your trip

Hi Frugalistas! This is the first of a new three part series on Itinerary Planning for independent traveling.  In this installment I’ll cover getting the basics of your trip in place. 1.  Where do you want to go? Narrow your options down at this stage to a continent, country or region.  Thinking about that continent, […]

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Planning your itinerary to save even more money in Europe

Hi Frugalistas! I’m planning on writing a series of posts on itinerary planning.  Before I start though, I want to focus on how to use your planning and your itinerary to save money on your trip to Europe. Here are the principles I stick to help me balance the budget and travel to Europe more […]

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The 2012 frugalfirstclasstravel year in review – my top 10 blog posts

Hi Frugalistas! As 2012 comes to a close, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all my lovely readers, followers and everyone who’s ever commented, read, Stumbled, Liked or Tweeted any of my posts.  I’ve appreciated every single one of you who’s ever visited.  For a new blogger I feel encouraged that my posts […]

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The frugalfirstclasstravel 2012 year in review – what I learned traveling this year

Hi Frugalistas! As the end of the year approaches, our thoughts often turn to lessons we learned during the year.  Traveling is no exception, so here is what I learned traveling in 2012: 1.  Places can change I had last visited London in 2000.  It was dirty, expensive and crowded.  Fast forward 12 years, and […]

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The 2012 frugalfirstclasstravel year in review – hits & misses

Hi Frugalistas! As we come to the end of the year it seems timely to reflect on my travel experiences during the year and in particular what worked and what didn’t: Hits Favorite Destination:  I find this really hard to answer – it’s a bit like asking a mother who her favorite child is.  I […]

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Europe in the winter – 6 tips to travel well

Hi Frugalistas! In this, the third part in my series of traveling to Europe in the winter, I look at traveling safely and how to get the most out of your trip. 1.  Dress warmly, but in layers You will be outside a lot sightseeing and traveling from place to place.  If you aren’t used […]

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Europe in the Winter: packing list for Europe

Hi Frugalistas! While my generic packing list is easily adapted for Europe (or anywhere else cold for that matter) if you are struggling with that winter packing list and keeping it to one carry on bag, help is at hand!  Here is my detailed winter packing list for a trip to Europe: 1.  The best […]

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Europe in the winter: European Christmas Markets

Hi Frugalistas! As Christmas looms many European cities and towns are revving up for their annual Christmas Market.  Whether you visit one or many, here is how to make the most of your trip: 1.  How many should you visit and which ones? Really, that is entirely up to you and how much you love […]

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The Queen’s grocers – a review of Harrods food hall in pictures

Hi Frugalistas! A destination in its own right, Harrods food hall puts any local supermarket to shame……..       Nothing in it is cheap, but buy yourself a little cake or chocolate, browse and enjoy a fun and very British destination! Related posts: Fortnum & Mason in photos Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea A […]

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Zipping round town – how to use European underground train systems

Hi Frugalistas! One of my key tips is to do lots of walking to get about town when traveling.  But, there are times when I do need to use some form of transportation.  Rather than expensive taxis, I save stacks by using the public transport system – especially the underground train systems.  Here’s how I […]

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