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Doors to the Emirates Business Class lounge in Dubai

Emirates A380 Business Class: the frugalfirstclasstravel review

– rugalistas!  Regular readers will no doubt recall my review of the Emirates A380 First Class Suite last year.  It was very, very good, but in my comparison with Etihad Diamond First Class, I had to give it to Etihad.  I’ve travelled numerous times on the Etihad Pearl Business Class, so was curious see what […]

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What to do when your ship doesn’t come in: the day I didn’t go on a cruise with MSC cruises

Hi Frugalistas!  I was thrilled to be invited to join a pre-TBEX day sponsored by MSC Cruises on one of their ships in Athens.  The plan was that we would spend the day on the ship while it was docked in Athens as part of a cruise from Venice to Istanbul.  I had great plans about what I wanted […]

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the Acropolis, Greece

Reader poll: what frugalfirstclass travellers want and why I asked

Hi Frugalistas! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the recent frugalfirstclasstravel reader survey.  So many of you took the time to tell me what you liked at frugalfirstclasstravel, and what you wanted to see more of.  As the Chief Frugalista I know what I like, but what did you like?  European destinations? Is […]

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white sandy beach and blue water at Bora Bora

Real life one bag travel: packing for a luxury travel resort vacation

Hi Frugalistas!  Luxury Travel with just one carry on bag?  Of course!  Just because the number of staff will outnumber the number of guests, just because you are not moving from location to location, and just because if you can afford a luxury resort you can certainly afford a porter to carry your bags doesn’t […]

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Stained glass window of a man and woman Ste Chapelle Paris

Why I need to revisit every place I’ve ever visited before

Hi Frugalistas! Regular readers will know that I don’t consider myself much of a photographer.  Up till now I’ve travelled with a tiny little Canon IXUS point and shoot camera.  When I started out it was enough for me – I wasn’t a great photographer, but by taking loads of shots I managed to find […]

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sunset view of the Blue Mosque with minarets and lights

The 7 deadly sins that stop you being a frugal first class traveller and how to avoid them!

Hi Frugalistas!  Do you want to be a frugal, but first class traveller?  Do you always have good intentions to make the most of your travel dollar, but never seem to get there?  Do you always blow the budget?  Well, help is at hand!  I absolutely believe everyone can have the trip of a life […]

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tropical sunset with palm trees and water

How to be a frugal first class traveller

Hi Frugalistas!  What does frugal but first class mean to you?  Is frugal but first class a contradiction?  Of course not, or I wouldn’t have a blog!  I absolutely believe that everyone can travel, and can have a first class experience, regardless of their budget.  Here’s how: Frugal first class travellers plan and research Investing […]

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Entrance to Etihad Airways lounge with closed door

Etihad Airways pearl business class: a review update

Hi Frugalistas!  The last time I flew Etihad Airways Pearl Business Class it was good, but not great.  Memories of a rock hard croissant at breakfast and very poor service in transit in Abu Dhabi left this loyal Etihad customer a little disillusioned.  Have they redeemed themselves?  Read my review update from my recent trip […]

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Etihad First class lounge seating area in Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport

Real life travel hacking: how I paid an Economy cabin price for a Business Class seat to Europe

Hi Frugalistas!  I’m planning a trip to Athens later this year.  It wasn’t a trip I had planned and budgeted for, so I want to get the best value seat I can.  I also don’t want an Economy (Coach) seat.  It’s a long way to Europe from Australia, so Business Class is definitely the way […]

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Air France A320 on the ground

Air France Euro business class: the frugalfirstclasstravel review

Hi Frugalistas!  Those of us who are fortunate to be able fly Business Class know that not all Business Classes are created equal.  In particular, I notice a distinct difference between the amenity of Business on European routes compared to my long haul flight to Europe from Australia.  On my recent trip, I was able […]

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