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rooftops of Vernazza with the sea and a headland in the background

Walking the Cinque Terre

Hi Frugalistas!  I’ve written at some length about the Cinque Terre.  It’s one of my favourite parts of Italy.  Based on your feedback and the enduring popularity of my posts, it seems you do too.  The Cinque Terre is world renowned for its hiking.  Despite a number of the trails still being closed since storms […]

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2013 – my favorite travel moments

Hi Frugalistas! Well, another year draws to a close.  I have to say that for me it’s been a bit of mixed bag – health-wise I’ve been severely challenged (I almost didn’t make my big trip in October) and work is always a bit of challenge for those of us who dream of places far […]

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The Cinque Terre – daytripping to Portofino

Hi Frugalistas! If the Cinque Terre is all about slow, low key travel, Portofino is definitely its glamorous, posh (and expensive!) sister.  Just an hour away by train, it makes a wonderful day trip.  So sit back, and enjoy the visit! Arrival Portofino is just an hour from the Cinque Terre by train.  Hop off […]

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Three great walks for non-hikers in the Cinque Terre

Hi Frugalistas! For latest on my series on the beautiful Cinque Terre I’m focussing on walking.  The Cinque Terre and its surrounding National Park are popular with hikers.  But what do you do if you are not really a great trail walker, let alone a hiker?  Well, my enthusiasm for walking doesn’t extend beyond the […]

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Eating well in the Cinque Terre

Hi Frugalistas! The Cinque Terre is, like much of Italy, pure joy for frugalfirstclasstravellers.  It is easy to eat well on fantastic local, seasonal food, and drink fabulous local wines, all at a bargain price!  What’s not to love?  So, here is the official frugalfirstclasstravel guide to eating and drinking well in the Cinque Terre: […]

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Ten tips for enjoying the Cinque Terre

Hi Frugalistas! The Cinque Terre is a very special part of Italy – laid back, casual and relaxing, it is a great place to have a holiday from your trip.  While many people visit the Cinque Terre for its reknowned hiking trails, there is plenty to offer any traveller looking to experience this different part […]

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Cats of the Cinque Terre – a photo expose

Hi Frugalistas! I know I’m taunting you all with little tasters and teasers of the Cinque Terre, but love them or loathe them, cats are everywhere!  Any series of posts on the Cinque Terre is not complete without an expose on the life of a cat in the Cinque Terre……. Where have you seen cats […]

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Where I woke up this morning

Hi Frugalistas! I’ve been remiss in updating the blog while I’ve been traveling.  I’ve got loads of good ideas and fun things to share in upcoming posts     app

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The frugalfirstclasstravel year in review 2012 – my favorite photos

Hi Frugalistas! I’m no great photographer and don’t even own a DSLR, but my little point and shoot camera is my constant companion during my travels.  I love looking back at my happy snaps.  Here are my favorite photos from 2012: Well 2012, thanks for the memories!

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Europe in the winter – 6 tips to travel well

Hi Frugalistas! In this, the third part in my series of traveling to Europe in the winter, I look at traveling safely and how to get the most out of your trip. 1.  Dress warmly, but in layers You will be outside a lot sightseeing and traveling from place to place.  If you aren’t used […]

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