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Etihad Pearl Business Class – the frugalfirstclasstravel review

Hi Frugalistas! I’ve previously posted about the beautiful Etihad Diamond First Class and I’ve flown Etihad Pearl Business Class a number of times.  I’ve not reviewed it before though, so based on my recent experience flying to London, here is my opinion: 1.  Check in and transit The Etihad check in for Business Class is […]

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Virgin Australia International Business Class – the frugalfirstclasstravel review

Hi Frugalistas! I travelled to Europe recently and  was booked on a Virgin Australia codeshare from Abu Dhabi to Sydney on my return.  I fly Virgin Australia domestically (albeit in Economy) and have flown the coast to coast service from Sydney to Perth in Business Class, so naturally was interested to see what the International […]

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One itinerary, three budgets – anywhere in Europe regardless of your budget

Hi Frugalistas! When I wrote my itinerary planning series, I said that I believed that any itinerary was achievable, regardless of your budget.  Well, nows the time to test that theory.  I’m using three budget “standards” for my costings: 1.  Cheap and cheerful 2.  A frugalfirstclasstravel budget 3.  The grand splurge I’ve explicitly excluded the […]

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Frugalfirstclasstravel tips for traveling first class regardless of your cabin

Hi Frugalistas! We don’t all get to travel at the pointy end of the plane, but it is possible to create a pleasant environment for yourself regardless of your cabin.  Up the front passengers enjoy a quiet, calm and relaxing journey with plenty of space.  Here’s how to make that possible for you, even if […]

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The Queen’s grocers – a review of Harrods food hall in pictures

Hi Frugalistas! A destination in its own right, Harrods food hall puts any local supermarket to shame……..       Nothing in it is cheap, but buy yourself a little cake or chocolate, browse and enjoy a fun and very British destination! Related posts: Fortnum & Mason in photos Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea A […]

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Budget-busting business class – how to save on business class seats

Hi Frugalistas! Do you want to fly business class but think it’s outside your price range?  They’re still expensive to be sure, but here are my budget busting tips for getting the best deal on a business class seat: 1.  Book either really early or at the last minute Keep an eye out for early […]

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Planning your best trip: traveling with all 5 senses

  Travel with all 5 of your senses.  I want to encourage you to think about your trip using all your senses and not just your eyes – a great trip should be a feast for all the senses as well as the eyes.  When we go on holidays we all want to see certain […]

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